ACP Art Award

30 April - 30 June 2021
 ACP Art Award is the contest dedicated to emerging artists who participates with one work that will be virtually exhibited in this viewing room where you can vote your favorite!
The vote will be possible also following the stories of the Instagram account: @acppalazzofranchetti and @maggioregam
There will be two winnings artworks: one voted by you and one selected by an International jury of experts. The artists who created them will have a personal exhibition in a prestigious art gallery: Galleria d'Arte Maggiore g.a.m., sponsor of the initiative.
Please note that to vote you have to register your email and you can do it just only one time.
Another contest: ACP Green Art Award addressed to established artists will follow this one.

Alessia Calarota - Deputy Chairman, ACP - Palazzo Franchetti

Nathan Clement-Gillespie – artistic director, Frieze Masters

Nicholas Cullinan – artistic director National Portrait Gallery, London

Germán FuenmayorStudio Piuarch
Luca Lo Pinto – artistic director, MACRO, Rome

Margherita Maccapani Missoni

Svetlana Marich – Deputy Chairman, Phillips and co-founder

Beatrice Maccaferri, Alina Sartogo, Oliva Sartogo, Ilaria Sgravato – co-founders of On Fair


Etienne MacretThe Collectors List

Rossana MuoloMasseria Torre Coccaro
Rebecca Taylor – Arts & culture strategist
Carlotta Testori – freelance curator freelance, Milan

  • Paola Cassola

    Feels like home, 2019


    Paola Cassola, Feels like home, 2019

    Paola Cassola, Feels like home, 2019, pigment on paper, mounted on canvas, wood frame, 178x155 cm
    Part of the series: Energy paintings



  • Amira Fritz

    Mimosa, 2020
    Amira Fritz, Mimosa, 2020

    Amira Fritz, Mimosa, C-Print, 120x150 cm

    Edition 5 + 1 AP


  • Sofia Cacciapaglia

    Untitled, 2021
    Sofia Cacciapaglia, Untitled, 2021

    Sofia Cacciapaglia, Untitled, 2021, oil on canvas, 163,5x195 cm



  • Giampiero Bodino

    Giampiero Bodino


  • Niccolò Montesi

    Water End, 2019
    Niccolò Montesi, Water End, 2019

    Niccolo Montesi, Tryptich Water End, 2019, print on cotton paper, framed 51,5 x 35 cm each

    Edition 3 + 2 AP




  • Maria Thurn und Taxis

    Crab, 2019
    Maria Thurn und Taxis, Crab, 2019

    Maria Thurn und Taxis, Crab, 2019, watercolour collage, 35x43 cm


  • Stefano Pedrini, '2141' (Perpetual), 2020

    Stefano Pedrini, "2141" (Perpetual), 2020, oil sticks on linen, 152,5x122 cm


    Stefano Pedrini

    "2141" (Perpetual), 2020
  • Giorgio Orbi

    Collaborate and Listen, 2017
    Giorgio Orbi , Collaborate and Listen, 2017

    Giorgio Orbi, Collaborate and listen, inkjet printing on fine art paper, 52x32cm

  • Benjamin Dobbin, New Rules, 2021

    Benjamin Dobbin, New Rules, 2021, Archival print on Di Bond Aluminium, 200x200cm

    Benjamin Dobbin

    New Rules, 2021
  • Andrea Morucchio

    Leda e il Cigno, 2020
    Andrea Morucchio, Leda e il Cigno, 2020

    Andrea Morucchio, Leda e il Cigno, 2020, digital print on ultra hd paper Fuji Crystal Archive + acrylic glass, 

    100×100 cm

    Puzzling Renaissance series, unique piece