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ACP specializes in management, administration and production of high profile business and exhibition projects in the art field, in various manners: devising and realizing public exhibitions of considerable cultural interest and building and promoting specific art collections both private and public in the medium/long term.


ACP benefits from the expertise of talented professionals with experiences in different areas: from fine art management to art history, from curatorship to architecture, from design to music, from logistics to communication, from public relations to event planner.


Furthermore, it is embedded in prestigious contexts, relying on a wide network of important international organizations, foundations, museums, public and private collections and art galleries.


Constantly growing, ACP is able to organize any kind of cultural project. Thanks to their multidisciplinary specialised expertise, ACP team's purpose is to enhance the value of each  project over time for institutions, foundations, artists, and capital investors.


Thanks to its peculiar organizational structure, ACP guarantees the respect of high ethical standards, as well as a strong independence and fast operating and decisional abilities.



ACP Palazzo Franchetti © ACP - Art Capital Partners



Palazzo Franchetti, with an historical facade and a unique garden on the Canal Grande in Venice,  is close to Ponte dell'Accademia and it is the preferred exhibition's venue of ACP.



Built in the second half of the XV Century by a historical venetian family, Palazzo Franchetti is one of the most prestigious examples of gothic architecture in Venice. Many owners have modified the building over the centuries. In 1922 Sarah Luisa de Rothschild sold the building to Istituto federale di credito per il risorgimento delle Venezie, which renovated it to its current appearance and started a new phase of functional adjustments giving it a mainly exhibition destination.



Palazzo Franchetti is located in the heart of the area where many of the most important venetian cultural organizations are, such as Teatro della Fenice, Palazzo Grassi, Punta della Dogana, Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Gallerie dell'Accademia, Palazzo Fortuny, Ca' Rezzonico and Conservatorio Benedetto Marcello.


The building is easily reachable also with a 15 minutes walk from Piazza San Marco, from Rialto, from the Venice - S. Lucia train station and from Piazzale Roma.



The main floor of Palazzo Franchetti hosts temporary exhibitions. Its restoration has maintained the original layout of the rooms using Rubelli fireproof silks, reminiscent of the tapestries used in the ancient noble residences of Venice. Each room is lighted up with Murano chandeliers, with some impressive ones: the chandeliers in the rooms viewing Canal Grande are the most important.

 With more than 500 square meters, the main floor offers air conditioning, intrusion alarm and fire-fighting systems, as well as a system for the flexible arrangement of lighting devices and all the equipment for setting up paintings or any other kind of art pieces.

 In the exhibition area each room is equipped with modern climate control devices - temperature, air quality and humidity - in compliance with the International Council of Museums standards.


Palazzo Franchetti's garden was created around 1860 by the architect Giambattista Meduna. Its original unique feature is its great extent from Canal Grande to Campo Santo Stefano - occupying more than 1500 square meters - which Meduna was able to get buying all the buildings in the surroundings. The 2004 renovation reorganized the existing floor plans and made the garden the key passage to diversify the fruition of the different areas, always keeping in mind the building activities. While the area towards Campo Santo Stefano is open to the public and is the entrance to exhibitions and offices, the area viewing Canal Grande will be enhanced with the display of major art pieces.


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