Claudine Drai returnes in Venice with a project that involves Wim Wenders

Redazione, Finestre sull'arte, April 8, 2022
After 2017, the French artist Claudine Drai returns to Venice on the occasion of the 59th Art Biennale with an unpublished project involving Wim Wenders.

After the success of the exhibition Le lien des mondes in 2017, the French artist Claudine Drai (Paris, 1951) returns to Venice to coincide with the 59th Biennale d'Arte with an unpublished project involving Wim Wenders with a film dedicated to the artist screening at the Teatrino di Palazzo Grassi and ACP - Art Capital Partners Palazzo Franchetti, in the spaces of the second noble floor, which today also houses the Morandiana Library.
As in 2017, when the exhibition project was based on the interaction between contemporary art, poetry, culinary art and high fashion, bringing together the starred chef Guy Martin, the stylist Hubert Barrère and the writer Olivier Kaeppelin alongside the artist, also on this occasion. the exhibition is full of contaminations between different worlds.
In conjunction with the exhibition set up at the ACP - Art Capital Partners - Palazzo Franchetti headquarters, in Venice, from 22 April to 15 May 2022, at the Teatrino di Palazzo Grassi, Présence, for the first time will be presented an installation created by German director Wim Wenders who explores the artistic universe of Claudine Drai (22 April screening at 17 and 23 April with two 35-minute screenings at 17 and 18.30, admission subject to availability).
The installation shot in 3D between 2020 and 2021 intends to explore the artistic universe of Claudine Drai through an evocative visual story. Wim Wenders was mesmerized and moved by Claudine Drai's work when he first met her. He felt her art of hers distinctly different from anything she had ever seen, yet so emotional and evocative. The director thus felt the desire to learn more about the mysterious spiritual realm made mainly of paper; on the other hand, Claudine Drai felt she could trust Wim Wenders with the fragile and poetic world of him. In their subsequent talks and meetings they decided to venture together going beyond a simple vision, giving life to a common creation, different from any cinematographic category and without existing rules or forms of art.
The exhibition created by ACP - Art Capital Partners in collaboration with the Clavé Fine Art gallery, intends to be a first glimpse into the world of Claudine Drai.

Foto ©️ Wim Wenders