The Oscars of art. The best of 2021 according to the editorial of Artslife

Redazione, Artslife, December 21, 2021

Artists, museums, galleries,, festivals, auction hall, critics, journalists And many other different things: to whom go assigned Oscars from the 2021 redaction of ArtLife.  


Art center

Seeing beautiful exhibits right there, in the shadow of the Accademia Bridge in Venice, is not a big news. But this year Palazzo Franchetti earns the crown among the national exhibition centers, thanks to two exhibitions that could both compete for the national golden palm. The first, inaugurated in the Architecture Biennale, is "Campigli and the Etruscans: A pagan happiness". The second, still visible until March 2022, is "Power and prestige - Symbols of command in Oceania".

Massimo Campigli and the Etruscans. A pagan happiness ACP - Palazzo Franchetti, Venezia