Dubuffet, return to Venice

Marta Gasparon, Il Gazzettino, April 30, 2019
Palazzo Franchetti opens its new course with an exhibition dedicated to the revolutionary and eclectic French artist who twice, in 1964 and at the 1984 Biennale, had chosen Venice to present his new works. THE EXHIBITION << I enjoy presenting my first-run works for once in Venice instead of Paris >>. Thus spoke, in 1963, one of the most important French post-war artists, Jean Dubuffet, an eclectic man, revolutionary and constant experimenter. Because Dubuffet himself, in the lagoon city, exhibited some of his works on two occasions, presenting them to the public for the first time ever. That is, in 1964, at Palazzo Grassi, with his work "L'Hourloupe" (The Foul Language) and in 1984, on the occasion of the Biennale and with the latest series "Mires", representing his country in a pavilion entirely reserved for him. A bond, that of the artist in Venice, indissolubly marked by these dates that will be remembered - from 10 May to 20 October - through the exhibition at Palazzo Franchetti "Jean Dubuffet and Venice". The latter, true co-partner of the event. And to think that the artist, between 1949 and 1950, refused Bruno Alfieri's proposal for an entirely Venetian exhibition of his. A position dictated by a notoriously provocative nature and an anti-cultural vision which fortunately changed - it should be said - some time later. MORE THAN A RETROSPECTIVE
<< It will not be the usual retrospective exhibition - assures Fréderic Jaeger, curator together with Sophie Webel - because with this third Venetian exhibition we want to retrace Dubuffet's traces in the city, showing the three major cycles of his work, of which "L'Hourloupe" is the central core >>. The latter cycle will consist of about twenty paintings made between '63 and '67 as well as the monumental work, 4 meters high, installed in the garden. The cycle of the "Celebration of the soil" will be exhibited (including some lithographs from the "Phénomènes" and paintings from the "Texturologies et matériologies" series) and works from "Mires". There will also be a section dedicated to letters, photos and articles evocative of the exhibitions of '64 and '84, in short, a total of one hundred works, 60% of which from the Dubuffet Foundation. But also from the Gandur, Beyeler and Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice. AN AGREEMENT FOR THE PALACE Dubuffet could only be chosen to inaugurate the new partnership agreement for the management of the exhibition spaces of Palazzo Franchettti between the Veneto Institute of Sciences, Letters and Arts and Art Capital Partners. << The Institute, one of the main Italian cultural academies, is looking forward to organizing events aimed at enhancing this extraordinary venue. And Venice, in order to survive, needs all this >>, affirms the president Gherardo Ortalli, underlining how the new cultural collaboration will not end with the Dubuffet exhibition. A MEZZANINE FOR ART
<< ACP Palazzo Franchetti - the words of President Franco Calarota - will be the brand that will characterize the future. We are already planning an exhibition on Morandi and Rothko, artists not so distant from each other, and we will carry out projects of a union between art and music, And in the mezzanine rooms, we will give contemporary artists the opportunity to recreate the environment by considering space and history> >.